Arts Education Program

Arts Education school time shows give our youngest audience members opportunities to experience live performing arts in our historic Paramount Theater. The Paramount is committed to presenting the very best educational theater that engages youth in meaningful ways, complements school curricula, and cultivates appreciation of the performing arts.

The Arts Education Program at The Paramount champions the role of the arts as a tool for instruction for students within our community while meeting the critical need for teachers to teach according to Virginia Standards of Learning objectives. In fact, in a study published by Americans for the Arts, it was proven that the arts help close the achievement gap, thus “leveling the learning field” across socio-economic boundaries. Students from all schools, income levels, and backgrounds come together at The Paramount, uniquely bridging a broad spectrum of local students. For many teachers, this program is one of the key ways that interactive learning complements mandated curriculum.

Since the program began in 2004, we have served 208,581 students and teachers, averaging 16,000 served on an annual basis. All tickets are available at subsidized prices for students and teachers. In order to maintain this offering, we rely on the support of individuals, foundations, and corporations, as well as support from the City of Charlottesville and Albemarle County. Many students are still unable to afford this price, and we offer financial assistance so that no child is precluded from participation.

Exposure to arts and culture at every age is powerful in driving innovation and creativity, promoting social cohesion, advancing educational excitement and love of learning, and furthering the economic prosperity of our community.

Quick Overview

The Paramount Arts Education Program provides a live educational theater experience for youth in our community, enhancing learning while fostering an appreciation, understanding and love of the performing arts. We have now served 208,581 students and teachers since the program’s inception in 2004.

CLICK HERE to view our blog post featuring highlights and memories from the 2019-20 Arts Education season at The Paramount.

Planning for the 2020-21 Arts Education Program is currently underway. Please check back this summer for season updates.

Financial Assistance: To apply for Financial Assistance, please complete the Financial Assistance Form and submit at the time of Registration.


What Educators Are Saying

Arts Education

“The children had such a wonderful time. They were in awe of the theater, they thought it was rich and made of gold, and they thoroughly enjoyed the show. I could hear them quietly stating their awe and asking things like ‘How did they do that?’  ‘Where did that sound come from?’ Their imaginations were soaring, and it was nice to see them smiling, laughing, and literally knee slapping from their enjoyment.”   

-2nd Grade Teacher, Buckingham County Primary School

Arts Education

The rich experience of attending a live performance gives many students an entry point to understand the content. It provides the ‘hook’ to draw students in, and a connection to come back to that enhances a deeper understanding. We will continue to draw on this experience with literacy and social studies throughout the year!”  

-3rd Grade Teacher, Woodbrook Elementary