Blast From the Past: Sir James Galway & Lady Jeanne Galway

Sir James Galway, “The Man with the Golden Flute,” and Lady Jeanne Galway, one of the leading female flute soloists of the decade, showcased their legendary talents on The Paramount’s stage this past fall. The husband-wife pair’s performance was made extra special when a group of flutists wearing party hats took to the stage to play for Lady Jeanne in honor of her recent birthday.

The Paramount’s Front of House Manager & Volunteer Coordinator, Cade Wiberg, recalled a special moment after the show: “I remember the halls were filled with passionate fans of the virtuoso flutist Sir James Galway and fellow performer Lady Jeanne Galway. Not only did the pair perform for over 2 hours, but they both agreed to sign merch and meet their fans for over an hour afterwards. After a long line of satisfied patrons were able to get their special mementos and memorabilia signed, James and Jeanne’s agent pushed for them to wrap it up so he could drive them to their hotel. Still in line was a woman with her young daughter who had been waiting since the end of the show. The mother mentioned her daughter had just begun learning the flute (she was about 8 years old), and she was a fan of Sir James’s performance style. The mother asked for an autograph for her daughter, and despite the pushback from their agent, Sir James prompted the girl to come forward and not only autographed her CD, but also took a picture with her. The mother and daughter were ecstatic.”

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Photos by Rob Garland Photographers