Blast From the Past: Peter Rabbit Tales

Peter RabbitTM Tales brought the classic story by Beatrix Potter to the stage for this heartwarming Arts Education show. The students journeyed along with Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny as they escaped from Mr. McGregor, outfoxed Mr. Tod, and rescued the Flopsy Bunnies from the disagreeable badger, Tommy Brock. But it wasn’t just the students who were enthusiastic about the play – Education Committee member Lisa Cogswell dressed up as a rabbit, much to the students’ delight! “She greeted the children upon arrival, with Peter Rabbit books in hand, making sure that each and every child felt the warm embrace and welcome from their Paramount Theater,” said Cathy von Storch, The Paramount’s Education & Outreach Manager.

One group of 1st graders loved the show so much, they even wrote thank you letters to The Paramount. One student wrote, “Thank you for having us see Peter Rabbit. My favorite part was everything.” Two more students agreed that their favorite part was when Peter “saved the day.”

One of our Paramount Volunteers, Marty, who has been volunteering for more than 15 years, usually keeps an eye on the students in the balcony during Arts Education shows. “I give them the three rules for sitting in the balcony,” she shared. “1. Backs against the back of the seat. 2. No feet on the railing (if in the front row) or on the chair in front of you. 3. Clap really loud for the performers. The kids really love to show how loudly they can clap.” Marty told us that one time, after an Arts Education performance, one student stopped to tell her which actor he’d clapped the hardest for. “He wanted me to tell the actor,” Marty said. “I told him I would try to get the message to the performer. Then the next ten or eleven youngsters had to stop and tell me who they clapped loudest for. Whenever I think of it, I smile.”

We are diligently working to reschedule many of our events that have been interrupted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These events contribute significantly toward our yearly operating budget, and we know that we will suffer a devastating loss of revenue as a local nonprofit theater. Please consider making a donation to The Paramount.

Photos by Rob Garland Photographers