Blast From the Past: Lang Lang

World-renowned pianist Lang Lang awed a sold-out audience with his mastery of the instrument. The Paramount’s Director of Operations & Programming, Matthew Simon, and the Theater’s Executive Director, Chris Eure, reflected on this extraordinary performance.

“What an amazing show, and to have him play The Paramount was a really big deal,” Matthew said. “He played at the opening ceremonies for the Olympics in Beijing, so to have him play for a 1000-seat hall was special. Lang’s performance did not disappoint. At the end of the show, during the standing ovation, he stood up to take his bow and, with a huge smile on his face, he patted (with some oomph, I might add) the Paramount’s 9′ Steinway as if to say ‘good job’ to it. It was an unforgettable moment, and I’m sure anyone who was at the show remembers it.”

Chris agreed, saying, “Lang Lang exceeded his love of music and was overflowing with joie de vivre. He was the first piano soloist I had experienced, and I will likely be disappointed by any who follow! He traveled with his mom, I believe, and while he was doing the meet and greet, she stood off to his side  It was a long meet and greet, but he kept looking over at his mom to be sure she was okay. He wore gloves the whole time, which at first we thought was to protect his hands from ‘strangers.’ In reality he said it was to keep his hands warm as they tended to get cold easily. You know the expression cold hands, warm heart? Well that was Lang Lang to a T.”

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Photos by Rob Garland Photographers