Blast From the Past: 2019 NCAA Final Four & Championship

Where were you during the 2019 NCAA Final Four? What about when the University of Virginia Men’s Basketball Team won the 2019 NCAA National Championship? The Paramount’s Front of House Operations Manager, Malcolm Dyson, reflected on watching both of these thrilling games on The Paramount’s Big Screen:

“First of all, I was in Memphis when the Hoos won the heartstopping game against Purdue in the Elite Eight. The next day I immediately started to think about the logistics of showing the Final Four game at the Theater.

“Upon returning to Charlottesville and discovering every other large venue (Pavilion, JPJ, Scott Stadium, Alumni Hall) had a conflict, I knew we would be in for a crazy busy night with a packed house of diehard fans. Suffice it to say, we had a full house with the first fans lining up outside the Theater more than 3 hours before game time. Once the time came that I could get to my seat with some friends (Row FF and GG, right on Aisle 4 in the Balcony), I enjoyed a buzz and energy matched only by watching a game in person. The rollercoaster ride lasted until the final whistle as Kyle Guy sank 3 straight free throws to seal the game. There were many hugs and high fives before the whole scene (and town, for that matter) became a blur. Holy crap, UVa was going to be in the Championship Game!

“Kudos to the Tom Tom team for working with our team to reschedule a dinner that was supposed to happen onstage the same Monday evening of the Final game. Again, we had a packed house, and the energy was once again incredible! Same as the Final Four game, I found our crew in our lucky seats and watched another heart-stopping game that the Hoos had now become accustomed to winning. Another OT game and a great performance led to hugs, tears, and celebrations that Charlottesville rarely sees. It was truly magical being able to share that weekend’s UVa NCAA Championship run with 1000+ diehard fans at The Paramount, and an experience I doubt I will ever forget.”

While our stage is dark, our marquee and blade continue to shine. We are diligently working to reschedule many of our events that have been interrupted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These events contribute significantly toward our yearly operating budget, and we know that we will suffer a devastating loss of revenue as a local nonprofit theater. Please consider making a donation to The Paramount.

Photos by Rob Garland Photographers