Blast From the Past: Disney’s Mary Poppins

When The Paramount Theater opened originally in 1931, it was as a grand movie palace. While today we bring many arts performances to our stage and screen, we proudly carry on the original legacy when we broadcast classics, family favorites, and more. Last summer, we screened Disney’s original Mary Poppins, starring Julie Andrews, and would you believe it, Mary Poppins herself flew down to The Paramount with her magic umbrella! The Paramount’s Events Coordinator, Emily Jackson, recounts her experience of dressing up as the beloved Disney character:

“Becoming Mary Poppins and welcoming folks to The Paramount to watch this classic film is, by far, my favorite memory during my time at the Theater (so far!). It was a perfect warm day on the Downtown Mall (something I really miss right now), where I received so many waves, smiles, and hugs from complete strangers, young and old. I can’t wait to welcome our community back so we can all continue to experience the magic of movies at The Paramount!”

The Paramount is dedicated to providing a 5-star experience for our patrons, and our Mary Poppins meet-and-greet was what we like to call a “5-star add-on.” Whenever we show a movie, we try to do a little something “extra,” just to show you how much we appreciate your patronage. If you attended Casablanca, you likely received a Valentine and chocolate, and if you attended The Muppet Movie, you might’ve gotten a temporary tattoo or a coloring page. Did you vote for the Oscars at our screening of Green Book? These are just a few examples of our 5-star add-ons. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy coming up with them!

While we are diligently working to reschedule many of our spring events, which contribute significantly toward our yearly operating budget, we know we will suffer a devastating loss of revenue as a local nonprofit theater. Please consider making a donation to The Paramount.

Photos by Mary Margaret Holden