Paramount Makeover Day #1 – Lobby and Ballroom

The secret is out! The Paramount is getting a makeover! Carpet Plus is removing and replacing all of the carpet in the Theater. Since The Paramount’s reopening in 2004, we have had almost 1,000,000 patrons in the Theater for parties, live events, movies, broadcasts, and so much more! With hundreds of thousands of supportive patrons and community members that walk through the Theater doors each year, the carpets started to show its age! After fifteen years, it is time to replace the carpet! The same patterns and colors that we have enjoyed since 2004 will be installed. Carpet Plus is working their magic, starting in the Lobby and the Ballroom, so that when your here tomorrow for Young Picasso it will be like nothing has changed. Make sure to like us on Facebook and Instagram to follow along with the journey!