Paramount at the Movies Presents: Trading Places [R]

Paramount at the Movies Presents: Trading Places [R]

Movies | 03/5/2021 | 7:00PM

1983 | R | Runtime: 1 hour, 56 minutes

Greatly reduced capacity for this event.

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Some very funny business.
Upper-crust executive Louis Winthorpe III (Dan Aykroyd) and down-and-out hustler Billy Ray Valentine (Eddie Murphy) are the subjects of a bet by successful brokers Mortimer (Don Ameche) and Randolph Duke (Ralph Bellamy). An employee of the Dukes, Winthorpe is framed by the brothers for a crime he didn’t commit, with the siblings then installing the street-smart Valentine in his position. When Winthorpe and Valentine uncover the scheme, they set out to turn the tables on the Dukes.

Image credits: © 1983 by Paramount Pictures Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

Did you know?

  • Ralph Bellamy (Randolph) and Don Ameche (Mortimer) make cameo appearances in “Coming to America (1988);” the two are homeless and Prince Akeem (Eddie Murphy) gives them a large amount of money to get them back off the streets.
  • In 2010, as part of the Wall Street Transparency and Accountability Act, which was to regulate financial markets, a rule was included which barred anyone from using secret inside information to corner markets, similar to what the Duke brothers tried to do in the movie. Since the movie inspired this rule, it has since become known as the Eddie Murphy Rule.
  • Several funny moments in the film came about by accident. The scene where Mortimer Duke (Don Ameche) is trying to catch the money clip, and having trouble, wasn’t supposed to happen that way, but both kept going with it, and not breaking character, so it was kept in the movie. Ophelia’s “Swedish” disguise came about because Jamie Lee Curtis couldn’t do the correct Austrian accent.
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  • $ 6.50 Senior
  • $ 8.00 Adult

Schedule of Events

  • March 5, 2021 | 7:00PM
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  • Dan Aykroyd as "Louis Winthorpe III"
  • Eddie Murphy as "Billy Ray Valentine"
  • Jamie Lee Curtis as "Ophelia"
  • Don Ameche as "Mortimer Duke"
  • Ralph Bellamy as "Randolph Duke"

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