Paramount at the Movies Presents: Best in Show [PG-13] – Canceled

Paramount at the Movies Presents: Best in Show [PG-13] – Canceled

Movies | 05/31/2020 | 2:00PM

2000 | PG-13 | Runtime: 1 hour, 30 minutes

At the prestigious Mayflower Dog Show, a “documentary film crew” captures the excitement and tension displayed by the eccentric participants in the outrageously hilarious satire Best in Show.

This biting send-up exposes the wondrously diverse dog owners who travel from all over America to showcase their four-legged contenders. Mild-mannered salesman Gerry Fleck (Eugene Levy) and his vivacious wife, Cookie (Catherine O’Hara), happily prepare their Norwich Terrier, while shop owner Harlan Pepper (Christopher Guest) hopes his Bloodhound wins top prize.

As two upwardly mobile attorneys (Parker Posey and Michael Hitchcock) anxiously ready their neurotic Weimaraner and an ecstatically happy gay couple (Michael McKean and John Michael Higgins) dote on their tiny Shih Tzu, inept commentator Buck Laughlin (Fred Willard) vainly attempts to provide colorful tidbits about each breed.

Now, with the championship at stake, the owners and the canine competitors strut their stuff for the judges in hopes of taking home the ultimate prize…Best in Show.

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Did You Know?

  • Fred Willard (Buck Laughlin) was specifically instructed by Christopher Guest to not do any research on dogs. Jim Piddock (Trevor Beckwith), on the other hand, had to do a lot of dog research so that his character would appear knowledgeable. As a result, Guest says some viewers are surprised to learn Piddock is not a real dog show judge.
  • Parker Posey actually got real braces for her character to wear.
  • Fred Willard shot his entire part in a day and a half.
  • Much of the film was improvised. The narrative outline was only 16 pages long.


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Ticket Prices

  • $ 5.00 Youth (12 & Under)
  • $ 7.00 Adult

Schedule of Events

  • May 31, 2020 | 2:00PM


  • Fred Willard as "Buck Laughlin"
  • Eugene Levy as "Gerry Fleck"
  • Catherine O'Hara as "Cookie Fleck"
  • Harlan Pepper as "Harlan Pepper"
  • Parker Posey as "Meg Swan"
  • Michael Hitchcock as "Hamilton Swan"

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