The Paramount Theater believes that performing arts are an essential part of every child’s education. As a non-profit organization, we depend on private and corporate contributions to subsidize the cost of tickets and provide financial assistance so that all students are able to participate in the Arts Education program. With your support, students throughout our community are exposed to the life changing experiences that only the arts can provide!

These enriching arts education programs matter. As one teacher shared with us last year:

This was especially amazing for my class…there are children that are at risk, with special needs, and many come from families that would not be able to provide this experience. During the show I kept watching and looking at their expressions. I have to admit that I did got teary-eyed watching them because it struck me how this might be the one and only experience for them.

To find out how you can join the Arts Education partnership, please contact Cathy von Storch for more information: 434-293-1000 or



July 2015-Present

Bama Works Fund of Dave Matthews Band in CACF
Katherine Brooks and George Beller
John Birdsall
Kathleen and Richard Bonnie
Penny Bosworth
City of Charlottesville
Lisa and John Cogswell, III
Joyce Colony
Rosemary and Charlie Cona
Carol Cooper
Joyce P. Craig
Ardee and Ron Dimberg
Janet and Gray Ferguson
Rosewita and Lionel Fernandez
Charles Foster, Jr. and Diane Bates
Toni and Larry Gimple
Grace Church – McIlhaney Episcopal Parish
Terry Grant
Dorrit Green and Michael Rodemeyer
Joyce Grunewald
Cornelia Gundlach
Abby Guskind
Vicki L. Hawes
Stephanie and Anthony Herring
The Hilltop Foundation
Mary-Frances and LaVahn Hoh
Sharon Lee Hostler
Melissa and Sam Hostetter
Lucy and Robert Huff
Audrey and Dale Jessen
Barger Jeutter and Scott Robertson
Aileen Kelly
Mary Betty Ketron
Eleanor and Joe Kett
Beverly B. Kocotas
L.E.A.W. Family Foundation
Erin and David Lemon
Rachel and Graham Lilly
Shirley Linkous
Harmon and George Logan
Ann and Terry Lynch
Worthy N. Martin
Ginnie and Ned McFadden
Catherine and Eugene McGahren, III
Elizabeth and Richard Merrill
Mitford Children’s Foundation
Bruce and James Murray
Marsha Musser
Ann and Carter Myers, III
Patrice and Scott Neese
Sheridan and Thomas Nicholson
Optimist Club of the Blue Ridge
Beatrice Ost and Ludwig Kuttner
Ellen and Robert Pate
Jane and Robert Paxton
K.K. and Larry Pearson
Betty and Jim Phelan
Patricia and George Phillips
Karyl Reynolds
James Rich
Marion and Mitchell Sams
Shelah Scott
Mary Lou and Charles H. Seilheimer, Jr.
Joanne Shepherd
Janice and John Stalfort, II
Christine Sweeters
Cathy and Stephen von Storch
Sherri Waddell
Jean and M.C. Wilhelm
Howard Ziemer
Anonymous (3)

Please consider supporting the Arts Education Program. Your donation helps us continue presenting the highest quality of live arts educational programming for the youth of Central Virginia and ensuring access for ALL!