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Paula Poundstone


Poundstone, one of the foremost comics working today, draws on her own complex life: three kids, 13 cats, motherhood, a demanding job and crazy travel schedule, her frustration at getting older, and a bag of neuroses, including her famous inability to ever shut up. In other words: she’s just like many of us. Part of the fun is watching her engage various audience members in a humorous dialogue. She manages to gently make fun of people and some of the nutty things we do without demeaning
anyone. She even manages to handle politics without provoking the pall of disapproval less artful comics have received. She has a rare talent.

After the show, she’ll meet with anyone who wants to meet with her. She happily signs autographs and poses for pictures. A refreshing anti-celebrity: warm, gracious, genuine. If you like intelligent, philosophical comedy you’ll love Paula Poundstone.

It’s an inexpensive night out that will deliver priceless laughs and memories.

Credits: Poundstone is a regular panelist on NPR’s hit weekly news quiz show, “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” (winner of a Peabody Award for Broadcasting excellence). She was the first woman to win the cable ACE for best standup comedy special, and the first woman to be invited to entertain at the prestigious White House Correspondents dinner. She is the star of several HBO comedy specials, appears frequently on the late night talk shows, and is hard at work on her second book for Random House. She lives in Santa Monica, Ca with her three children, Toshia, Allison and Thomas E. Says Poundstone: “Things couldn’t be better.”