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Angelina Ballerina: The Musical

Angelina and her friends, Alice, Gracie, AZ, Viki and even their teacher, Ms. Mimi, are all aflutter because a special guest is coming to visit Camembert Academy! Angelina and her friends will perform all types of dance, including hip-hop, modern dance, the Irish jib and of course, ballet, and they are excited to show off their skills to their famous visitor. Angelina is the most excited of all, but will she get the starring moment she hopes for?

Join Angelina and friends for a special tea party between shows in The Paramount’s Balcony Lounge! The Tea Party ticket includes a seat up close to the stage for the 2:00 show and admission to the Tea Party where Angelina Ballerina and her friends will stop by for a visit.

Tickets for the VIP Tea Party are now SOLD OUT.